Efis G1000 Glass Cockpit Hardware


G1000 3-piece flight deck. High Quality replica with genuine encoders and buttons.




Y2021 model – the PFD / MFD / audio panel G1000 full set Hardware for training and fun.

It is the exact replica of G1000 device. Genuine rotary knobs and buttons to provide most authentic feeling of operations and original device endurance.
All sizes correspond to original product.

PFD& MFD screens¬† built on 10’4 LCD monitors with 1024×768 px resolution.¬† Buttons and panels with backlight. ABS molded stand-alone practice stand can be included for extra charge (100USD)

Connection via USB and HDMI/DVI.

Manufacturing time – 2 months. Warranty period: 2 years. Worldwide delivery(quote delivery to your Country before you buy).

Should you have any questions please contact us.